Rubicon Roasting is not your average coffee company.

Meet Jay Bagley, founder of Rubicon Roasting.

Spending a working lifetime in the ‘fast pace’ began many years ago. A lot of travel was part of those days and it was something immensely enjoyed. I experienced much of Europe and a little of the Middle East and Central America, most for work, some for play. Then, upon returning to the United States I moved to Alaska to experience the ‘last frontier.’ There was always one thing that could help me slow down and “enjoy the ride” during all of those ‘early days.’ A PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE! While I found many excellent coffees in all of my travels, for my taste there seemed to be more mediocre cups than fine ones. The beauty, pace of living, and the people of Colorado have been on my radar since 1972 when I was stationed with the Air Force in Colorado Springs. I always migrated back to Colorado for vacations.

Finally, after many years of thinking about it and planning, I moved to Paonia, right in the heart of the valley to the majestic Northfork of the Gunnison River. The agricultural bounty, beautiful mountains, and amazing artists, writers, musicians, and all around talented people made me decide to stay here. Once here, I continued my search for that PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE! Again, I found some excellent coffee and many mediocre roasts. I began home roasting coffee beans while still searching for that perfect cup of coffee. I have finally been able to come up with some superb roasts of fine coffee from many places in the ‘coffee belt’ and decided to share that experience with people in Western Colorado.

Jay Bagley & Beemer

Meet Jacob Bower, head roaster of Rubicon Roasting.

Jacob Bower came to Rubicon Roasting in 2020 at the start of the Pandemic. His extensive experience in the food industry covers every type of restaurant from short order to gourmet. His knowledge of all areas of food handling and preparing provides perfect skills for the coffee industry. He has quickly become the head roaster for Rubicon Roasting and is very adept at communicating with customers and potential customers. He is Jay’s son-in-law and father of his granddaughter. He has a wide range of interests in addition to coffee roasting ranging from snowboarding to disc golfing. He LOVES the outdoors and is definitely is a welcome addition to Rubicon Roasting. 

Head Roaster, Jacob Bower

The Hidden Valley of Paonia


Rubicon Roasting is located in Paonia Colorado. When we began our business we collaborated with a local baker and winemaker to open a retail location where customers could drink our coffee and enjoy a wonderful home baked pastry while enjoying the view. And what a view it is. Mount Lamborn and Land’s End were bearing down on us as we sat in front of the building.  Customers watched as coffee beans were roasted in the Diedrich 2.5kg roaster. This small batch roaster roasts about 15 pounds of finely roasted coffee per hour. Diedrich roasters are well known in the industry for their dependability and quality.


Growth during the first couple of years of business has allowed us the opportunity to move to a larger facility. We are now located about 1 1/2 miles west of our old location and occupy a bit larger space.  We still have the local views, pastries, and excellent coffee. We offer the true coffee roastery experience where customers can taste various roasts, experience the roasting process, and enjoy excellent coffee, pastries, and other goodies. Finally, to participate in the showcasing the North Fork Valley, customers can experience farmer’s market events and experiences while enjoying a superb cup of Rubicon Roasting coffee.


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