Papau New Guinea – Medium Roast

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This Papau New Guinea coffee, medium roast, is sweet with lots of tangy tart fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lot of tropical fruit with toffee and apple flavors with an herbal aftertaste.


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Papua New Guinea, north of Australia, is one of the most environmentally and culturally diverse places on the planet. More than 850 known language are spoken here, and more than 7 million people live on land owned by indigenous communities. PNG’s towering mountains and lush, volcanic soil have contributed to its reputation for producing washed Arabicas with a wonderfully buttery quality, outstanding sweetness and beguiling complexity.

In the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), morning fog fills the valleys and the mountain peaks float above in the sun, the highest reaching nearly 15,000 feet. As the fog lifts, so does the chill. Clouds gather, and the afternoon warmth is often accompanied by fierce thunderstorms, which vanish as suddenly as they appear, making room for the whole thing to start over again. It is an ideal climate for growing green coffee, but inconvenient for air travel, one of the reasons the interior of New Guinea remained relatively unknown by outsiders while airplanes were busy opening up so much unexplored territory elsewhere.

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